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 Apps for medicalAR Mirror

The software medicalAR Mirror is steadily extended by Apps that incorporate interactive user interfaces and visualization methods for various application scenarios. We also offer Software Development Services to develop customized software modules that fit with your concepts.

Our Apps

“Take a Snapshot”

The App „Take a Snapshot“ allows the user of the medicalAR Mirror to take screenshots of the Augmented Reality scenes they are part of. The user activates the timer of an automatic release with hand gestures and has a few seconds to pose for the perfect picture. The snapshot can then be automatically stored to a configurable directory, for instance on your webserver, to make screenshots accessible via your website. Contact us in case you have further questions.

“Thorax Viewer”

The App „Thorax Viewer“ allows users to interactively control the anatomical structures being projected onto the user’s body. One has three buttons that can be controlled by hand gestures to show the muscular structure, the major organs and the skeletal structures as well as the combination of these three structures within the thorax region of the body. A fourth button allows users to control the transparency of the skin or clothes to view the anatomy.




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